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NC State University Publications
Strategies for the New American Furniture Industry
Rough Mill Improvement Guide for Managers and Supervisors
Consumer Perceptions of Character Marks on Cabinet Doors

Wood Products Notes
Using the Air-Drying Estimator to Predict the Air-Drying Time for Lumber
Calculating the Equilibrium Moisture Content for Wood Based on Humidity Measurements
The Equilibrium Moisture Content of Wood in Exterior Locations in the United States
Using the “Differential Shrinkage and the Cupping of Lumber” Excel Spreadsheet
Wood Surface Inactivation and Adhesive Bonding
Quality Control for Edge Glued Panel Manufacturing
Heat Sterilization of Hardwood Pallets and Pallet Material
Methods of Moisture Content Measurement in the Lumber and Furniture Industries
What Happens When a Fan Goes out in Your Pine Kiln?
Sawmill Safety
Handling and Storage Procedures Prior to Kiln Drying Affect Brown Stain in White Pine
Suggestions for Preventing or Minimizing Veneer Checking
Stresses Develop after Redrying
Developing a Marketing Plan for Hardwood Bark Landscaping Mulch
Understanding and Minimizing Veneer Checking on Furniture Panels
Fine Tuning Equalizing and Conditioning
Notes on Computerized Kiln Controls
Drying Softwoods for Value Added Markets
Developing an In-Plant Training Seminar on Rough Mill Yields

Web Based Application
EMC Calculate – a web based application that estimates the wood EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) based on the dry bulb temperature and one of the following: relative humidity; wet bulb or dew point temperature.

Software Downloads
Air-Drying Estimator V1 – once you click the link, be sure to download the file. (or, to receive a copy, email This Excel.xlsx program predicts air-drying time based on species, location, initial moisture content and target moisture content.
EMC Calculate V1 – an Excel.xls program that will calculate wood Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) based on dry bulb temperature and either the wet bulb temperature, the dew point temperature, or the percent relative humidity.
The EMC of Wood at Exterior Locations in the US – an Excel program that will calculate and graphically present the monthly outdoor Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of wood for 252 US locations based on the recent Climate Normals published by the National Climate Data Center.
Differential Shrinkage and the Cupping of Lumber – an Excel model that predicts lumber shrinkage and potential cupping based on log location, species, and change in moisture content.

Quality Index
Northern Red Oak Quality Index Tables
Background and Use of the Quality Index