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The Southeastern Dry Kiln Club was founded in 1950 to promote the professionalism and knowledge of dry kiln operators and lumberyard managers in the wood industry. The club accomplishes its mission by hosting two meetings annually, kiln operator short courses, and other related courses. Some of the greatest benefits to members are the informal contacts they make with other operators, giving them resources to tap when they have questions.

Lumber drying is one of the critical steps in making lumber usable for fine furniture. It is a scientific process that relies on the experience and good judgement of the kiln operator. If the lumber is dried too quickly, the lumber will be destroyed. If the lumber is not dried to the correct moisture content, the furniture manufactured from the wood will suffer in service problems such as splitting.


Phil Mitchell of NC State University is currently serving as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Southeastern Dry Kiln Club. He can be contacted at or (919) 515-5581.