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NC Marketing Team

Statewide Marketing Project for Forest and Wood Products

Wood Products Extension at NC State has been awarded a US Forest Service grant to support the forest products industry in promoting their products and to grow sales, profitability, and employment. Additionally, this project focuses on finding better markets for low grade and small-diameter trees in order to help implement better forest management practices.

This project reaches out to everyone involved in the forest and wood products industry from landowners through harvesting, processing and distribution of forest and wood products.
The staff working on the duties of the grant include Harry Watt, Phil Mitchell and Frederik Laleicke of NCSU Wood Products Extension, the Utilization Forester of the NC Forest Service, and Carla Harper of West65Inc, a marketing business.

We are working to identify every NC business involved with the production and distribution of forest products. We would appreciate your company taking a few minutes to complete a one page Business Information Form for each site of your business operation at

Access Survey here.

You can also provide your opinions of our state’s Problems and Opportunities for marketing forest and wood products at the bottom of this form. Be sure to press the “Submit” button at the bottom to record your responses!

Starting in June 2020 we will be hosting thirteen regional forestry and wood products marketing on the Internet using Zoom Software. One half of the meeting will be focused on the primary industry that converts roundwood into products while the second half of the meeting will focus on secondary products that processes lumber, plywood, and other panels into value-added products. We will be sending email blasts to the businesses and professionals that we have email addresses for and you can participate as you wish.

Please contact Harry Watt ( or 704-880-3067) with any questions or comments.

Upcoming 2022 Meetings: Announcement soon!