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Urban Wood Business Survey

Urban wood products are appealing and sustainable. Products, such as live edge furniture, fireplace mantels, and other wood furnishings have become increasingly popular among designers, builders, and consumers.

For existing companies, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and the semi-retired, urban wood has become a promising and fulfilling business opportunity with relatively low requirements for seed capital.

How did you start your business? What made you look into urban wood?

Wood Products Extension at NC State is asking Urban Wood Businesses across the United States a series of questions to learn how they were once started. The goal is to put together a strategic business guide that will support the urban wood movement! From your answers and feedback, we all can learn what is needed to start an urban wood business.

We all know that no two urban wood businesses are the same. Through this survey, you can tell us your personal stories of success, challenges, and opportunities. The survey takes no more than 10 minutes.

To access the survey click HERE