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North Carolina’s Forest Products Industry is an Economic Engine

The U.S. Department of Commerce subdivides the forest products industry into four sectors: Forestry and Logging; Wood Product Manufacturing; Paper Manufacturing; and Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing.  Based on the most recent numbers available, the number of forest products industry manufacturing establishments located in North Carolina total 2,259.  These industries employ approximately 67,500 manufacturing individuals.  The Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing sector is the largest with 33,000 jobs in 2012.  Paper Manufacturing is the next largest with 15,900 jobs followed closely by Wood Product Manufacturing with 15,600 jobs.  The Forestry and Logging sector adds approximately another 2,900 jobs.  Annual payroll for all four forest products industry sectors is $2.7 billion.  The total value of forest products shipments is $16.2 billion annually, contributing $4.6 billion to the annual State Gross Product.  It is estimated that these forest products jobs has a local multiplier effect that results in an additional 178,145 jobs in North Carolina.  Using an economic multiplier, it is estimated that the additional overall economic benefit is $25.3 billion.