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Smoke Management: Online Training Resources

Smoke management is a concern of fire practioners for many reasons. Luckily, there are several online courses and resources available to fire practioners to learn more about this topic. Below are some examples of courses available that include smoke-related sections. Thes courses are ideal for beginner burners, landowners, or contractors. You can click on the course title to visit the course website.

Please note that additional courses and resources are available through NWCG for those fire practioners that need it, but are not included here.


EFire (NC State University)

  • Planning > Weather & Smoke Module:
  • Access to all modules provided after pre-assessment quiz is completed.
  • This course makes use of immersive videos and case studies to describe the stages of planning and implementing prescribed burns. The smoke module walks the student through a hypothetical use of the Simple Smoke Screening Tool.

Introduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire (Extension Foundation Campus)

  • Section 8.1: Smoke Management
  • Students will probably find it best to start with the ”Smoke Management Presentation” in the smoke management module, and then supplement that with the other resources provided.

Introduction to Prescribed Fire (Oklahoma State University)

  • $20 enrollment
  • Enroll in the OSU Extension Introduction to Prescribed Fire online course to learn best practices for conducting a safe and effective burn in Oklahoma and rangelands. The course features interactive learning activities and custom videos.

Prescribed Fire Training (University of Florida)

  • Module 3: Air Quality and Smoke
  • Organized like a textbook and supported with engaging multimedia, this course is informative and easy to follow.


NRCS Prescribed Burn School (Texas A&M)

  • Module 10: Smoke Management
  • Access to all modules provided after pre-assessment quiz is completed.
  • Designed for USDA-NRCS employees that want to include prescribed fire in conservation plans (fulfills requirements found in 190-GM-413 413.11 B).

Smoke Management and Air Quality for Land Managers (NWCG Smoke Committee)

  • Accessible through the Wildland Fire Training Portal for students that wish to receive a certificate of completion. Otherwise, all content is accessible using the navigation bar on the FRAMES Emissions and Smoke portal.

Other Smoke Management Resources

The structured courses listed above may be supplemented by these additional resources where you can find more in-depth information about smoke management.

Smoke-Related Webinar Recordings (Southern Fire Exchange)

Smoke Management Resources (Southeastern Prescribed Fire Update)

New Smoke Management Resources (Blog Post, December 16, 2021)

Reach out with any questions or letting us know about any online courses we missed!