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Prescribed Fire Webinar Series (Oct-Nov 2013)

Mark your calendars for this 5-part prescribed fire webinar series organized by North Carolina State University Extension Forestry, the Southern Fire Exchange, and the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) Prescribed Fire Work Group.

Below is a list of the webinars and a short description of some of the topics to be covered. Click here for a printable flier to share with others!

Burning on Private Lands with Consultants

October 9, 2013; 1pm to 2pm EDT
John Stivers, Enon & Sehoy Plantations, Retired USFS

Learn about the importance of planning, techniques, procedures, and other issues when conducting a large, successful burn program on private lands.

Consultants play a large role in the amount of prescribed burning that is conducted on private lands across the South. John Stivers will address the importance of planning, techniques, procedures and other issues he faces in conducting a large, successful burn program on private lands. He will also describe some of the obstacles he faces when burning on private lands.

Federal Agency Ground-Based Burn Crews and the PFTC

October 17, 2013; 1pm to 2pm EDT
Mike Dueitt, National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center
Greg Seamon, Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy

Learn about the Prescribed Fire Training Center, training opportunities, and key lessons learned during trainings.

The Prescribed Fire Training Center provides on-the-ground training for federal agency burn managers to gain experience with prescribed fire in the South. The speakers will focus on key facets of the training, lessons the burn managers learn through the three week courses, and how this might assist others with their burn planning and logistics.

Prescribed Burning Techniques and Lessons Learned
October 23, 2013; 1pm to 2pm EDT
Dale Wade, Forestry Consultant, Retired USFS

Participate to learn about several prescribed fire topics and lessons, stemming from Dale Wade’s 40+ years of experience.

Dale will draw on his 40+ years of experience in prescribed fire and forest management research to discuss some of the practical prescribed fire lessons he has learned.  Topics of discussion will range from ignition devices and techniques, to fire effects and prescribed fire planning.

Techniques, Planning, and Precautions in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas 

October 31, 2013; 1pm to 2pm EDT
John Weir, Oklahoma State University

Participate to learn about the unique aspects of prescribed burning in Midwest prairies and woodlands.

This webinar will focus on unique aspects of prescribed burning in Midwest prairies and woodlands with special emphasis on some of the tools, models, and guidelines that have been developed for this region. John will also describe the growth of Prescribed Burn Associations in the region and how they are helping accomplish more burning than in the past.

Planning Large Scale Burns
November 6, 2013; 12pm to 1pm EST
Brett Williams, Fire Ecologist, Air Force Wildland Fire Center, Eglin Air Force Base     James Furman, USFS Liaison to the Air Force, Air Force Wildland Fire Center, Eglin Air Force Base

Participate to learn about planning and conducting large scale prescribed burns and fire science applications at Eglin Air Force Base.

This webinar will focus on the logistics and planning involved in conducting large scale prescribed fires.  Additional discussion topics will include developing pre- and post-burn monitoring plans as well as a review of how fire science and research are integrated into the Eglin AFB fire program.

All webinars will be hosted through the Southern Regional Extension Forestry, Webinar Portal for Forestry and Natural Resources (

Continuing education credits may be available from the following:                                     The Wildlife Society                                                                                                                   Conservation Planner                                                                                                                         Society of American Foresters                                                                                                         Texas Certified & Insured Prescribed Burn Managers

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