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Preparing for Wildfires with Firescaping Course Updates

by Holly Campbell, University of Georgia

Preparing for Wildfires with Firescaping is designed to increase Southeastern U.S. wildfire preparedness by educating community members and Cooperative Extension Agents about fire-resistant landscaping, or firescaping. Through several presentations and activities, the training teaches participants about Southeastern U.S. wildland fire history, fire behavior, home ignition, plant flammability, firescaping design and maintenance, home wildfire risk assessment, combining firescaping with other landscape objectives, recommendations for sharing firescaping with the broader community, and more.

Master Gardeners and other interested community members can now take the training both online and in-person. The online option can be accessed asynchronously over several weeks, while the in-person training is a one-day training. Participants must work with an Extension Agent, other educator, or the firescaping project manager to take either training.

There is a separate online training preparing Extension educators to deliver or facilitate the training by increasing their firescaping knowledge.

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