Sustainable Solution Is Changing Lives

Tyson Huffman, a junior studying paper science and engineering at NC State UniversityForest Biomaterials  junior and former Marine Tyson Huffman in NC State University’s College of Natural Resources, is working in Rwanda with Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE).  The work he is doing is changing lives.

In the developing world, the absence of affordable sanitary pads is more than a health and hygiene issue — it’s an economic and educational problem, too.

The solution to that problem is a cheap, sustainable, locally sourced sanitary pad that could be a game-changer for Rwandan girls and women.

“This guy went over there and did what I don’t think any other faculty member or student could have done,” said Med Byrd, associate professor of paper science and engineering at NC State. “In the space of about three months, with no tools, he took them from two machines in the middle of a parking lot to a dedicated crew making fluff pulp.”

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