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Emily Bieda McCartha

Emily Bieda McCartha, MPAff
School of Public and International Affairs
North Carolina State University

Emily B. McCartha

Emily started working on the Fire Chasers project in the fall of 2012. She joined the team to assist
with data collection and will continue assisting the team next spring and summer with further data
collection, data analysis and field work. Emily is currently pursuing her PhD in Public Administration at
North Carolina State University. Prior to coming to NC State she worked for a creative learning nonprofit
organization that coordinated efforts between nonprofit providers, the school district, the city and
private funders in Austin, TX. She holds a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and
a Master’s of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs also at UT Austin. Her broad interests
include examining social equity and community capacity. Specifically she is interested in studying the
interactions that occur in shared public spaces and the multiple actors that contribute to shaping these
interactions as well as shaping the physical space.