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Program Contents

2022 Dry Kiln Operator’s Short Course Program

Tuesday, May 24

  • Registration and Welcome
  • Methods of Determining Moisture Content
  • Selecting Kiln Samples
  • Wood Structure and Drying
  • Shrinkage and Wood Moisture Relations
  • Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Equilibrium Moisture Content

Wednesday, May 25

  • Drying Schedules
  • Drying Stresses and Defects
  • Equalizing and Conditioning and Kiln Overheating
  • Plant Trips

Thursday, May 26

  • Basic Kiln Features
  • Controllers / Recorders Function & Maintenance
  • Trouble Shooting Using Kiln Data
  • Kiln Maintenance for Operators
  • New Kiln Features

Friday, May 27

  • Air Drying and Pre-Drying Principles
  • Moisture Meters and Auxiliary Equipment

On most days there will be lab sessions in the morning and afternoon.