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Feb 2, 2015

Summer Interns Available: May 2015 Graduates Looking for Full-Time Employment

Our undergraduate Sustainable Materials and Technology (SMT) program (formerly the Wood Products program) is part of the Forest Biomaterials Department.  SMT is an applied material science and engineering program focused on the economic, environmental, and social attributes of renewable materials (of which wood is the premier sustainable material). Our program provides specialized training and hands… 

Aug 25, 2014

NC State’s Wood Products Extension Attends IWF 2014 in Atlanta

A group from NC State University Wood Products Extension and the Sustainable Materials and Technology program (formerly the Wood Products program, both housed in NCSU’s Department of Forest Biomaterials) recently attended IWF 2014 (International Woodworking Fair). Our consensus was that this year’s show was better attended than the previous two shows in Atlanta. We had a… 

Aug 1, 2013

North Carolina’s Forest Products Industry is an Economic Engine

The U.S. Department of Commerce subdivides the forest products industry into four sectors: Forestry and Logging; Wood Product Manufacturing; Paper Manufacturing; and Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing.  Based on the most recent numbers available, the number of forest products industry manufacturing establishments located in North Carolina total 2,259.  These industries employ approximately 67,500 manufacturing individuals. … 

May 15, 2013

Welcome to NCSU’s Wood Products Extension New Website & Blog

NCSU’s Wood Products Extension is happy to announce our updated web page and blog. We hope to periodically update this site with news in information relevant to both the wood products industry and the wood consuming public. North Carolina State University’s Wood Products Extension will conduct the 45th Annual Hardwood Dry Kiln Operator’s Short Course at…