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2022 Urban Wood Drying Workshop

Deadwood revival design, North Carolina state University Wood Products Extension, & the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo have partnered under a Calfire Community and Urban Forestry grant to conduct a series of urban wood drying workshops over the next three years.

Proper drying is key to processing freshly milled boards & slabs into valuable, high quality, marketable products. this workshop will provide you with the knowledge to better control
drying in your urban wood operation & resources to develop a strategy & implement best practices.

Lectures by NC State’s: Frederik Laleicke, Phil Mitchell & deadwood revival design’s: Daniel Torres

workshop lecture and hands-on activities & lab:

  • Urban wood philosophy & business culture
  •  Introduction to wood id
  •  Wood & moisture
  •  Urban wood kilns
  •  Measuring & monitoring moisture
  •  Urban wood drying quality
  •  Resources, literature & training

Moisture content tracking & monitoring round table discussion.
what are your best practices? what works well for others?

price: $495 per person
corporate discount: $150 off for any additional attendees

May 11 – 13, 2022

Location: west coast arborists, INC
2200 vía burton, Anaheim, ca 92806

For questions contact: frederik laleicke (

Download Flyer: drying course flyer

Registration: Here