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May 2016 Graduates Looking for Full-Time Employment: Summer Interns Available

NC State University’s Sustainable Materials and Technology (SMT) program (formerly the Wood Products program) is part of the Forest Biomaterials Department.  SMT is an applied material science and engineering program focused on the economic, environmental, and social attributes of renewable materials (of which wood is the premier sustainable material). Our program provides specialized training and hands on experience regarding the responsible use of plant-based materials.  There are currently over 100 students working on their undergraduate degree in SMT, which is about triple the enrollment before the name change.

The Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State offers employers access to a well-trained pool of the best and brightest young professionals in the sustainable materials and allied industries today.  We invite the Forest Products industry to consider our students for either full-time employment, or employment as a summer intern.

In addition to our graduates, SMT students are required to complete at least one summer internship in the industry.  Summer internships are a great opportunity for students to learn about the industry and to earn some money at the same time.  For the industry, having a summer intern is a means to hire temporary summer labor and evaluate that individual for possible future employment.

Please take a look at our Recruiter resources page:

Or, an employer can make an interview day request online:

Our Forest Biomaterials Career Services Coordinator is on temporary leave.  This Spring we are happy to have Cheryl Gill fill in.  You may contact her at:

Cheryl Gill
(919) 515-2888

You may also contact either:

Phil Mitchell          (919) 515-5581

Perry Peralta          (919) 515-5731