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NC State’s Wood Products Extension Attends IWF 2014 in Atlanta

View of IWF 2014
IWF 2014

A group from NC State University Wood Products Extension and the Sustainable Materials and Technology program (formerly the Wood Products program, both housed in NCSU’s Department of Forest Biomaterials) recently attended IWF 2014 (International Woodworking Fair). Our consensus was that this year’s show was better attended than the previous two shows in Atlanta.

We had a number of companies come by looking for students to hire either as interns or as full time employees. Our student enrollment has increased quite a bit this fall, hence we anticipate that we will have a larger supply of graduates available in the future to meet the demand.

It is always good to see Wood Products alumni stop by the booth, say “hello” and catch us up on what they are doing. Some of the alumni we saw (and wrote down since our memory is not as good as it used to be) include:
Jack De Sarno, Class of 1982
Jonathan Whitley, Class of 1996
Kyle Evans, Class of 1996
Brian Furnas, Class of 2000
Jacob Boles, Class of 2002
Dylan Davenport, Class of 2013