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GA Forestry Commission Offers New Service: Mechanical Fuel Treatment

The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) is pleased to offer a new service: mechanical fuel treatment.

GFC’s mechanical fuel treatment offers safe and effective control of understory vegetation that can make wildfire mitigation and control a struggle. These powerful tools churn through places unsuited for traditional methods such as prescribed burning and chemical treatment. Mechanical fuel treatment is ideal for areas in the wildland-urban interface, land near gas lines, power lines, rights of way and other smoke-sensitive areas.

Mechanical fuel treatment machines are specifically equipped to safely and effectively manage the thick understory that grows in Georgia’s forests:

• 88” wide front mount/triple rotary deck, rear discharge mechanical underbrush clearing

• Mulches all underbrush and trees up to four inches in diameter efficiently and              effectively – much faster than tractor drawn or track machines;

• Clears up to two acres per hour.

To learn more about GFC’s masticator mechanical fuel treatment service, contact your local GFC office or call 1-800-GA-TREES.

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