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How to Become a North Carolina Certified Burner

Step 1:

Attend the North Carolina Certified Burner Class offered annually by the NC Forest Service (NCFS) and pass the test at the training. The course is usually held in October at Montgomery Community College in Troy, NC. The class costs $25.00 and registration closes two weeks prior to the class. The course and registration information for the year’s class are posted on the NCFS website by early summer.

Step 2:
Prepare a prescribed burn plan that covers:

  • The landowner’s name and address.
  • A description of the area to be burned.
  • A map of the area to be burned.
  • An estimate in tons per acre of the fuel located on the area.
  • The objectives of the prescribed burn.
  • A list of the acceptable weather conditions and parameters for the prescribed burn sufficient to minimize the likelihood of smoke damage and fire escaping onto adjacent areas.
  • The name of the certified prescribed burner responsible for conducting the prescribed burn.
  • A summary of the methods that are adequate for the particular circumstances involved to be used to start, control, and extinguish the prescribed burn.
  • Provision for reasonable notice of the prescribed burn to be provided to nearby homes and businesses to avoid effects on health and property.

Step 3:
Obtain all necessary burn permits and authorizations, and notify nearby residents and emergency response agencies about the coming burn.

Step 4:
Conduct the prescribed burn under NC Smoke Management Guidelines following the plan while observed by a certified burner on site.

Step 5:
Have a certified burner observe the burn and submit a recommend of certification to the NCFS via the Burner Certification Checkoff Sheet, along with a copy of the observed burn plan and a map of the burn.

(This information was taken from the North Carolina Forest Service “How to Become a North Carolina Certified Burner” website)