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Wildfire Management Tools & Resources

Wildfire Management Tools & Resources Links:

National Database of State & Local Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Program
The national database of state and local wildfire hazard mitigation programs serves as a clearinghouse of information about nonfederal policies and programs that seek to reduce the risk of loss of life and property through the reduction of hazardous fuels on private lands.
The LANDFIRE project integrates reference data, satellite imagery, and models of fire and vegetation dynamics. LANDFIRE will generate nationally consistent, mid-scale maps and digital geospatial data of vegetation characteristics and condition, fire behavior and effects, fuels models, historical fire regimes, and fire regime condition class at the landscape level. 
The Fire Behavior & Fire Danger Systems
The fire behavior and fire danger systems described on are public domain and most can be downloaded from this site. They are designed to be used by fire and land managers who have training and fire experience.. WFAS is an internet-based system that provides fire danger maps that can be viewed by the general public as well as by land managers. 
WALTER (Wildfire Alternative) Project
This website is a multifaceted initiative designed to facilitate strategic planning for wildland fire management. It provides information about climate, fuels, fire history, and human factors that produce different kinds and levels of fire risk. WALTER also combines biophysical and social science with advanced geospatial, decision-support, and interactive web technologies to build integrated decision-support tools for use by experts and by the public.