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Fire Chasers present at UNC Asheville Greenfest

UNC Asheville Spring Greenfest this year featured a panel focused on the topic of “After the Wildfires.” Anne-Lise Velez and Mary Clare Hano presented “Human dimensions: Wildfire response and preparation.” In light of recent wildfires in western North Carolina, the presentation noted that North Carolina has more WUI (wildland-urban interface) acres than any other state in the US. The interface creates great challenges for fire managers as nearly every fire and its associated smoke may impact homes, roads, farms, or other development. The presentation also discussed the form and function of IMTs, wildfire response networks, and common actors involved in emergency situations. Results from studies conducted in western states were shared to highlight watch out situations and factors that lead to high capacity communities during a wildfire response.

The presentation slides can be viewed by clicking here.