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Research Experiences

Oct 11, 2018

Metabolic Oxygen Rates of Aquatic Insects

Environmental Technology and Management major Erika Fye spent her summer conducting research under Professor David Buchwalter in the Toxicology Department on NC State's Centennial Campus. The experience allowed her to gain confidence through working independently, and opened her eyes to the potential of going to graduate school in the near future. 

Oct 5, 2018

Vegetation Sampling in the Black Mountains

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Policy and Administration double major Olivia Merritt led a study on Hermit Thrush in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. The experience improved her range of skills as a field biologist. 

Sep 1, 2018

My Frog Filled Summer

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology student Thomas Reed spent his summer conducting research at the Nanjing Forestry University in Nanjing, China, where he was a technician on several frog and other herpetological projects. 

Jan 18, 2018

The Importance of the Scientific Process!

Josh Henson, a senior in Environmental Technology and Management learned many valuable skills by working in a lab studying manganese oxide minerals created by soil fungi. 

Jan 5, 2018

Jacob Veilleux’s adventures

Jacob Veilleux, a Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology major from Cary, NC, likes to stay busy and has had internship and research opportunities through out his time at NC State. He is now a senior who hopes to attend veterinary school. 

Nov 24, 2017

Presenting Research at the Pathways 2017 Conference

Hannah Shapiro, a Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Major presented her research from Belize at the Pathways 2017 Conference. Click here to read how the conference promoted academic and professional growth. 


Aug 25, 2017

Bird Research in the Black Mountains

Edward Landi is a Wildlife Biology student who was involved in a research project in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. 

May 25, 2016

A Little Bahamian Background

Elisabeth Frasch spent 84 days in The Bahamas working on research on coral. She worked on both undergraduate research and assisted a Ph.D. student.