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Conference Experiences

Feb 1, 2019

Snake Island in a Serpent Sea

Edward Landi, a senior in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, with a concentration in wildlife, traveled to Ohio for a conference and exciting snake finding adventures. 

Student Enrichment Fund

Dec 28, 2018

From Rainforest to Conference Call

Forest Management Senior, Rachel Jessup, traveled to Portland, Oregon to attend the SAF Conference and explore the Olympic National Forest. 

Nov 1, 2018

Respect the Snake

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology major Dan Guinto traveled to Ohio for the Wildlife Society Conference, where he was able to spend a day with a friend to work on the Lake Erie Water Snake Project. 

Oct 28, 2018

SAF Wilderness Trip to Olympic National Park and Convention in Portland, OR

Forest Management major Austin Quate attended the Society of American Foresters' Convention in Portland, Oregon. He and several other Forest Management students and faculty arrived in Oregon early to attend the Wilderness Trip. 

Oct 25, 2018

Keep Portland Weird

Forest Management major Craig Person attended the Society of American Foresters' National Convention in Portland, Oregon in October. He found this convention to be a maturing experience that pushed him to think about his future career, while also allowing him to have fun with his fellow students. 

Oct 20, 2018

Smaller Families Equals Smaller Houses

Environmental Science major Kaley Cross attended the Smart Cities Conference in Washington, DC over Fall Break. The main focus of this conference was to learn more about the ways technology is being implemented to help address urban challenges. 

Oct 18, 2018

How do We Build the City of Tomorrow?

Environmental Science major Ben Dodson attended the Smart Cities Week conference in Washington, DC. This conference was created to inspire communities to incorporate the "smart city" trend, a topic Ben is interested in learning more about in a graduate level program. 

Forbes Under 30

Apr 13, 2018

The Consortium for the Advancement of the Bioeconomy (CABLE) Program

John Johnson, a Senior in Environmental Science, is a student delicate for the CABLE program. Read about some of the experiences and lessons he got to experience in the past year. 

Kamila Edwards

Jan 22, 2018

GreenBuild Conference 2017

Kami Edwards, a Sustainable Materials and Technology major, attended the GreenBuild Conference. The conference is the largest sustainability conference in the world. Read about her experience here. 

Jan 10, 2018

GreenBuild Conference: What is it and What does it Represent?

Mary Paz Alvarez Valverde is a Sustainable Materials and Technology student. Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, she is a transfer from a different college within NCSU and now has found home in the College of Natural Resources.