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Summer in Herbicide

Last summer, I had the opportunity to work as an intern for Premier Forestry and Environmental Consulting. This company is based out of New Bern, North Carolina. My main job there was herbicide application in loblolly plantations. I mixed a lot of the herbicide that we applied via skidder. I learned a lot about the equipment, the costs and benefits that come with it, and a lot about herbicide. I learned what chemicals were the best for killing certain species and when to apply it for the best results.

I also got a lot of experience driving a service truck with a trailer and driving a skidder, which I had never done prior to this internship. I came into the internship with experience operating a bulldozer, tractor, and an excavator. Driving a skidder was very similar to the other equipment I had previously operated. I also cruised some timber and did some arborist work during this internship. I had previously cruised timber in school and for work crew, but I have learned that everyone does it a little differently.

The arborist work, to me, was probably the most interesting thing I did this summer because I learned a completely new skill. I had never climbed a tree with ropes before. I realized that it wasn’t as easy as it looked, but it was fun! Overall my summer internship was beneficial. I broadened my horizons in several ways and gained some new skills.