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A Holly Springs Salamanders Summer



This past summer I had an internship with the Holly Springs Salamanders, a collegiate summer baseball team in the Coastal Plains League, which  lasted from May to August. My supervisors were Bradley Cook the Assistant General Manager for the Salamanders, and Tommy Atkinson who was the General Manager. There were about 15 different student interns from various colleges, we ranged from NC State, UNC, ECU, Alabama, and UNCC.

For this internship I worked every home baseball game as well as some office hours, doing various tasks. Our tasks each game ranged from video board, on-field promotions, ticketing, and many others. Every intern got assigned a different job each game, that way we all got a different feel for the diverse departments.

I was a Marketing Intern therefore I was mainly working with on-field promotions, but I got different experiences mixed in as well. Some games I was in the ticketing office seeing the tickets get processed, and some games I was in the crowd choosing fans for events and activities.

I really feel like I got a good look at all that goes into running a baseball game. I chose this internship, specifically  for marketing, because it is something I really enjoy and have had previous experience in. I believe this experience has made me realize some of my strengths and weaknesses in the sports industry. I learned a lot about myself and how I work with others by being with all of the interns and workers of the team. I learned that my career choice in marketing is still something that I could really enjoy and want to pursue. This experience only solidified my career path after graduation and taught me that hard work can pay off. I feel like I greatly got involved in the organization and the community of the league. From giving kids the chance to fulfill their dream of doing a promotion on-field, to organizing a charity event for my special project, I felt immersed in the Holly Spring Salamanders. Not only did I enjoy learning and working in the baseball field but I also will cherish the relationships I made with fellow interns and full time staff members.

For my special project, a fellow intern and I organized a Police vs. Fireman charity event that will take place next season. After seeing all the responsibilities Tommy and Brad have on their plates, organizing this event for them is one less thing they have to worry about and raises money for a good cause.

 I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to work for,  all the employees were open to teaching us interns whatever we wanted to learn and assisted us with any questions we had. This experience was a great time for me and not only helped me fulfill my internship requirement for my degree but also gave me great hands on experience.

While sitting in the classroom and learning about your field of study is important, there is no better learning tool than actually interning with an organization and getting a true hands on feeling for the work itself.

Overall, I couldn’t have hoped for a better summer or learning experience than with the Holly Springs Salamanders.