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6 Year Olds Like to Run


Throughout my internship with the Holly Springs Salamanders, I learned a lot of useful information about the sports field and myself. The Holly Springs Salamanders are a collegiate summer league baseball team located in Holly Springs, NC. I was a marketing intern for the Salamanders but my daily tasks included various types of task, not all of which were directly related to marketing. I gained experience in On-field Promotions, Ticketing, Media, and basic Baseball Operations.

Not only did I learn a lot about what goes into running a baseball game, I made many great connections with full time staff of the Salamanders,  fellow interns, and with employees for the Coastal Plains League.

One of the most liked parts of my internship included interacting with the fans. Some of my favorite games to work were when I was placed on the Promotions team. One of my most memorable interactions involved a little 6 year old boy.

A tasks of the Promotions team was finding a field of dreams team during the National Anthem. The field of dreams team was usually a little league team that was pre-picked to run out onto to the field during the Salamanders line up and stand with the position of their choice while the National Anthem played. This game however, we didn’t have a little league team and instead we needed to pick 9 random kids to be the field of dreams team. Being that it was a week day game, the pickings were limited. After finding 7 kids I chose a pair of brothers to fill the next 2 spots. One was about 8 and the other was about 6. I asked them to come down for the National Anthem and they were so excited!

The 6 year old wanted to run out with the outfielders meaning he was first in line to come out. Despite numerous times of telling the boy what to do and where to run, when his time came he decided to forget everything and just continued to run around the entire outfield and not stand with his player. The stands filled with laughter, and so did the player he was supposed to stand with, as the little boy circled the entire outfield in his own little world.

When I brought the kids back up to their families, the little boys dad said “I am so proud of you, you were awesome out there!” and continued to thank me and tell me that this was going to be the highlight of the little boys summer. This was something that I found to be very fun and rewarding. It was one of the highlights of my time on the Promotions team; knowing that I made an impact on a fans game day experience, meant alot to me.

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